Celebrities Show Off the Latest In Men's Accessories

In 2018, men's accessorizing is on the rise. For the average guy, accouterments are limited to watches, maybe an earring, or a simple necklace. The idea of non-utilitarian jewelry for men is often associated with peacocking types, piling on accessories to make a visually loud statement.

That's quickly changing. Celebrities and style-savvy men, in general, are finding a particular fashion niche: understated, thoughtfully designed accessories that accent a clean, alluring look.

2018 looks tend towards classically tailored garments, crisply barbered hair, and yeah, a couple unique accessories to tie together the whole look.

Degs & Sal Lead the Pack in Men's Accessories

Degs & Sal is the leading men's designer jewelry brand for a reason: they go for the kinds of clean designs that work in exactly the way tastemakers in 2018 want, designed with New York styles in mind and meticulously crafted and manufactured in Italy.

In the years since Degs & Sal hit the scene in 2012, their ingeniously simple designs have found their way into countless celebrity ensembles.

If you weren't already familiar with the famed brand, you're about to start noticing their work everywhere you look. Black beads, leather straps, silver and gold medallions, and so many more Degs & Sal signatures are a regular fixture in NY and LA, on and off the red carpet.

simple men's jewelry, black beads, leather straps, silver and gold medallions

Here are just a few of the celebrities who go with Degs & Sal accessories to tie together their best looks:

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's look is all about duality: cutting-edge streetwear most of the time, but when he cleans up, he cleans up. And he does it without completely dropping his slightly confrontational edge.

His GQ cover shoot exemplifies this style habit of his. He's very much playing with the cleanest and most classic looks possible, with Burberry and Calvin Klein suits that prove he's going to be the best-dressed guy in the room when he wants to be.

Justin Beiber wearing a Degs & Sal Gold Skull Ring

And he gets that extra edge that lets his personality shine through from the Degs & Sal Gold Skull Ring. Don't let the name let your mind wander to a Hot Topic mall goth piece; this is a solid, clean gold ring, the kind that pulls a glance but not a stare.

The skull is shaped smoothly and lightly in the center of the ring. It's the kind of detail that projects an image without letting that image dominate your look. And that's how Justin made sure his fiery personality shone through, even while looking sharp enough to meet the queen.

Sebastian Stan

You might know Sebastian Stan better as The Winter Soldier -- as in, the guy opposite Captain America in the biggest series of movies on earth at the moment, the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sebastian Stan wearing a Degs and Sal Achor Ring

MCU actors are constantly making promotional appearances, often out there pounding the pavement and doing shoots to promote two or three movies in a single year. And as a result, they've become the patron saints of the comfortable end of high fashion.

Men's fashion blogs spend a lot of time tracking this trend, and in a revelation that shouldn't surprise you by this point in the article, Degs & Sal happens to provide the understated accessories that pull these relaxed looks together.

For his reach for just a little bit of edge to go with his casual jacket 'n t-shirt combo, Sebastian went with the Degs & Sal Anchor Ring Set In Silver. The anchor is cast a bit more boldly than the skull, but the image is an instantly recognizable classic one that's hard to call inappropriate for any setting.

Jaden Smith

We've covered clean combined with low-key subversive. We've covered high-end casual. Now it's time to show you that Degs & Sal accessories do, indeed still serve to enhance the over the top looks that casual observers so often (wrongly!) associate with men's accessorizing.

Jaden Smith sporting a Degs and Sal Turquoise Beaded Necklace

And what better way to get to the point on this fast than pointing out that Jaden Smith rocks Degs & Sal alongside his notorious ensembles?

Jaden Smith, he of the infamously at-once-confusing-and-hilarious tweets, the completely over the top personality, the all-white Batman costume as a wedding outfit. Love him or hate him, the kid knows how to make an entrance.

The types of guys who pile on full armloads of bracelets aren't exactly the target audience of Degs & Sal's clean designs. But Jaden Smith is the exception that proves the rule.

His looks are a mix of high fashion, bizarre Goodwill finds, and everything in between. And we don't mean "everything in between" as a pose here; he's just as happy wearing Louis Vuitton as he is wearing Urban Outfitters as he is wearing something that catches his eye from Kohl's.

So, of course, he could find a way to fit something simple and beautiful like the Degs & Sal Stabilized Turquoise Beaded Necklace into his various mixed and matched looks in this charming photo shoot.Among the threads of the average outfit, this necklace would be the understated bit of personality. For Jaden Smith, it serves more as an anchor, a simple adornment that adds a little light color without competing with his otherwise bold look.

Adding Accessories To Your Look

2018 fashion is loosening up just a little from the previous trend of simple, clean cut, borderline retro Mad Men looks that used to dominate. Celebrities are looking out for ways to make their looks theirs, going a step beyond a classically tailored suit without falling into the arbitrary excesses in pursuit of individualism that defined the 80's and 90's.

simple but put together mens outfit

Few people -- besides our man Jaden -- are willing to come out in denim suits or whatever other kitschy fever dreams they might have come up with back in the day. So, more and more, you see male celebrities go with looks in the vein of what Degs & Sal have been getting at since 2012.

They're catching up to something great that we've known about for a long time now. Do you want to learn more about how to subtly enhance your style without blowing the doors off their hinges when you enter a room? Then contact us and we'll be happy to tell you all about it.

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