Men's Fashion Trends in 2018

It is a new year and that means there are new fashion trends for men to watch for in 2018. It is important to keep up with them so you can be the most stylish man you can be this year. The apparel and jewelry trends change each year, and it is up to you to keep up with the latest.

Those that love an athletic-inspired style will be happy with the trends this year because athletic wear has been all over the runways as of late. Some other trends that men will find include bolder patterns, leather bracelets, and even loose trousers. These are just a few of the trends that you will want to keep up with in 2018. 

men's fashion trends 2018

Fashion Trends to Watch in 2018:

Loose Trousers

Baggy pants are slowly making their way back into the men's fashion world. It is okay to revisit the old trend, but make sure you do it with caution. Just because your pants are baggy, don't let that be a reason that you get lazy with your entire look.

Avoid wearing hoodies and baggy tops every day with the loose trousers. Also, you don't have to conform to bunching around the ankles, but instead choose a tapered look that is slightly cropped at the ankles. The loose look can be applied to dress pants, casual wear, and even ski pants. Loose tailoring is back with a vengeance, but make sure you pull it off right. 

Fine-Line Necklaces

Every great outfit needs trendy accessories to complete it. One of the top men's jewelry trends this year are fine-line necklaces. Men's jewelry is now more simplistic as part of a minimalist movement. All you need around your neck is an ultra-fine thread of leather, silver, or gold. A simple necklace can have a huge impact on your outfit. 

Athletic Wear

There is no doubt that athletic wear is one of the biggest trends to keep an eye on this year. Athletic wear was so hot at the past fashion shows that companies that traditionally focus on tailoring were even showcasing athletic wear. Track pants, hoodies, jackets, and technical fabrics were seen all over the runways. 

The tracksuit is making a huge comeback and is fashionable in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. The technical sportswear is a hybrid of style and technology that give the person wearing it a modern luxury look. Throw on a bold ring to complete the outfit and make a statement. Prepare to be comfortable as you slip into athletic wear. 

men's fashion trends

Leather Bracelets 

Whether it is a grunge, athletic, or modern look that you are going for, throw on the leather bracelet to give you that manly style. The leather bracelet is the ultimate symbol of rock and gives you just enough rebel for your new look this year. A leather cord tied around the wrist compliments the muscles and adds to the wardrobe. 

There are many different types of leather bracelets, but thicker is better in 2018. Find a bracelet that wraps around the arm multiple times or one that is wider and takes up more of your lower arm. The color does not matter as long as it accentuates the apparel. 

Bold Patterns & Colors

There is usually one trend each year that is bold, and this year the patterns and colors are both bold. The patterns range from camouflage to floral to futuristic. The colors are bright red, bold blue, and any other neutral color. It is all about making a statement, and these patterns will help you do that in 2018. 

If you are brave enough to dive into them, you just might find that it will pay off for you. The bold patterns and colors are not only found on the shirts, but can also be seen on trousers, jackets, suits, and every other article of clothing. If you are going to make a bold statement with your apparel, then you might as well do so with your jewelry as well. Necklaces, rings, and even gold stealth cuffs will help boost your confidence when trying out a new pattern.

Monochromatic Outfits

Maybe it is a trend to balance out all of the bold patterns and colors, but the monochromatic dressing is another trend to be aware of. Track pants and jackets are the same color to give it a monochromatic look. You could also pair trousers, a shirt, shoes, and a jacket or sweater together that are of the same color pattern. It's not as bold as many of the other trends this year, but it is an easy one to get behind. 

The whole outfit doesn't have to be completely the same color, but you need to pair shades of the same color together. Also, try not to pair the same fabrics together, because the outfit will come across as dull. Balance out the different pieces you are wearing and maybe even find something with a slight pattern. Just because it is monochromatic, doesn't mean you can't incorporate some patterns into your outfit. 

Non-Traditional Suits

The suit is not completely dead: it has just transformed into something completely different. Forget the skinny pants, small ties, and everything you know about the modern suit. They now come in crazy colors, patterns, and cuts and are worn with sneakers and tees. Once again, we are seeing another trend that supports a more laid-back look. 

The suit may be in a bright red or a bold pattern and fit more loosely. The business look goes back to the 1980's with larger shirts and satin neckties that are worn at a longer length. A tie clip, bracelet, or ring can also pair well with the mutated suit. It is time to embrace the suit of 2018. 

It is time to make a statement with your men's fashion in 2018. The industry is pushing a laid back and athletic look, but with a bold flavor. If you are looking for the right jewelry to pair with your new apparel, contact us today. Degs & Sal is a luxury men's jewelry brand in New York City that features bracelets, necklaces, rings, and cuffs.

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