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Sterling Silver Washer Bracelet

SKU: PBR1418
SKU: PBR1418


Quality: 6mm Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver Washer Disks. Fully adjustable by sliding on the toughest marine cord available.

- Handmade with love in Italy


These disks or washer beads are inspired by the Phaistos disk. Phaistos disk is one of the most famous Greek mysteries of archaeology. It was discovered in Crete and is dated to 1500 BC. The language it depicts is still undeciphered. When wearing this bracelet just know that somethings you don't understand is okay, we still have yet to understand the meaning of Phaistos from 1500 BC. Roll with the punches and keep your head up!



All Necklace come in 24” inch length or 27” inch length.


We recommend using a tape measure and measuring the circumference of your wrist just above the hand. Make sure to allow a bit of room for slack.

  • Small: Up to 6-6.5 inch wrist. (Most popular size for women)
  • Medium: Up to 7-7.5 inch wrist. (Most popular size)
  • Large: Up to 8-8.5 inch wrist.

If your wrist is larger than 8.5 inches, please indicate it an email to with your order number upon purchase and we will make our best effort to send a bracelet that best fits your wrist.

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