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White Wooden Clam Beaded Skull Bracelet

SKU: W-1500
SKU: W-1500


Our White Wooden Clam Shell Beaded Bracelet is here, ladies and gentlemen! This white beaded skull bracelet features 8 millimeter beads that make up the band. This skull bracelet features a 925 sterling silver skull head pendant and knot combination. Whether it be a gift for someone you love or just a treat for yourself, this bracelet will definitely give your look the tinge of style you've been looking for.


~ Handmade with love in Italy 

We recommend using a tape measure and measuring the circumference of your wrist just above the hand. Make sure to allow a bit of room for slack.

  • Small: Up to 6-6.5 inch wrist. (Most popular size for women)
  • Medium: Up to 7-7.5 inch wrist. (Most popular size)
  • Large: Up to 8-8.5 inch wrist.

If your wrist is larger than 8.5 inches, please indicate it an email to with your order number upon purchase and we will make our best effort to send a bracelet that best fits your wrist.