Our collection is designed and inspired by the historic American free-spirited soul.

The legend of the American free-spirit was the traveler who was out on the open road. The wanderer who had the desire to discover new places, people, and experiences. The loving, humble, being who respected nature and culture.

Each of our pieces are handcrafted from 100% recycled sterling silver in Italy.

Using precious stones, metals and other high quality materials, Italian makers delicately mend our design ideas into unique and eye-catching jewelry. Authenticity, sustainability, and care is what our company was founded on, and we stand strongly in the quality we provide. Degs & Sal is not only an acronym for what we believe in, but it’s also a way of life. Our heart and soul is to create beautiful sustainable jewelry that is made with detail and quality, and spread our mission to the world.

What continues to inspire us is timeless vintage collectables, valuable stones like turquoise and onyx, and our commitment to creating high quality jewelry.

Degs & Sal wants to bring inclusivity to our customer, by offering pieces that can be worn by anyone, and are emphasized by the style and flair of the wearer and their character. Degs & Sal is passionate about spreading goodness, kindness, and encouraging our customers to be the best version of themselves.