We can sit here and tell you that we’re dedicated to creating only the finest of products. We can go on and on about how quality is our first priority; how we put the customer first.
We can throw out buzzwords like passion, luxury, and innovation. And tell why our sh*t don’t stink.
But you’ve heard all of that already. And we’re sure you’re sick of it too.
So what we will tell you, is this:
Degs & Sal makes kick-ass stuff. That looks awesome. On anyone.
That’s it.
Designed in the heart of NYC. Handmade with love in Italy.
Degs & Sal Logo
Back Story: 

At 20 years old, founder Eddie Shamie left his job in the finance industry to open up his own business in men’s jewelry. His sudden career change came after years of perusing different bead shops during his breaks in the garment district in NYC and crafting his own jewelry by hand. When his handmade bracelets were turning heads on the streets of Midtown Manhattan he knew it was time to turn his hobby into a brand. In 2012, he finally swapped investment funds for beads and Degs and Sal was born. Shamie, the brainchild behind Degs and Sal—who started off handcrafting his jewelry in his grandparents basement— now operates his business as the founder/designer and manufactures his collections in Italy. 

Degs & Sal is an NYC based company - We produce each collection in the top manufacturing factories in Italy. Our minimalist aesthetic combines practical bases like leather, onyx and gold elements with edgy embellishments like skulls, coins, and anchors.